TMS Cost

At London TMS Centre we promise to provide our patients with a world-class standard of care.

Internationally regarded TMS consultants ensure the highest quality of service.

We only recommend the correct form of treatment to suit you.

All treatment packages include:

Phone consultation with screening for suitability & safety

£ 0

Full Psychiatric or Medical assessment with our expert consultants

  • Careful assessment of past medication (treatment) history
  • Detailed review of current illness using validated rating scales
  • Introduction to our TMS device and treatment room
  • Prescribing TMS and agreeing a treatment plan

£ 340

TMS Therapy Sessions begin

  • Personalised Measurement Session to ensure precision of treatment
  • Weekly reviews using validated rating scales to measure progress
  • Fortnightly reviews with our expert consultants
  • Discharge meeting agreeing a post discharge plan
  • Discharge report including TMS treatment & discharge plan

£ 200

1st 10 sessions, week 1 & 2

£ 2000

2nd 10 sessions, week 3 & 4

£ 2000

3rd 10 sessions, week 5 & 6

£ 2000

  • No hidden extra costs, all reviews & consultation time included once treatment starts
  • Scientific evidence recommends that patients receiving TMS for depression should receive 20 to 30 sessions.

(To refer a patient for treatment or for more information about how we can work alongside other Psychiatrists or other doctors involved in patients’ care please contact us)

Expected Results

  • 60% of Depressed patients treated correctly with TMS respond to treatment.
  • This drops to less than 15% when treated with other medication instead of TMS.
  • These results are for patients who previously failed to respond to 2 different antidepressants, i.e. they have treatment-resistant depression.
  • Remission rates and number of TMS sessions needed differ from one disorder to the other.


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