Ms Dawn Wishart


Ms Dawn Wishart worked in mental health nursing for 30 years and she had gained a wide variety of experience in working in different clinical settings. For the last 10 years, she has been working as a Mental Health Liaison Nurse in St Thomas Hospital in Central London

Dawn became interested in TMS as a new treatment modality that has excellent clinical results. She trained in the delivery of TMS when she attended PULSES training course that was run in London by the Clinical TMS Society in July 2019.

Dawn worked in different clinical setting such as, community mental health teams, in-patient wards and working in liaison psychiatry teams. She was also part of a team which set up a single point of access service to the community teams offering mental health assessments and then looking at the most appropriate care pathways. Before going to work in the community Dawn worked on acute mental health wards and in a private clinic offering detox and treatment to those with a substance misuse problem. This gave her a valuable insight into the reasons why people use substances and the effects on their lives and health.

Working in different clinical settings and with different groups of patients gave Dawn invaluable skills and experience in working with people with a variety of mental health, psychological and emotional problems.

Dawn has many years’ experience of mentoring student and junior nurses and she also used to teach medication management to student nurses at Thames Valley University. She has given presentations and taken part in teaching sessions to other disciplines including junior doctors and members of different teams. During her years of nursing she has taken part in various audits, mainly focusing on information gathering.


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