Dr. Farhana Mann 

MB, BS, BSc, MRCPsych, MSc
Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Farhana Mann is a Consultant Psychiatrist and clinical academic with many years of experience working in a wide range of mental health settings. Farhana is an approachable, accomplished clinician who values taking a holistic, thorough, and individualised approach with each client and working collaboratively towards treatment goals. She has worked with adults presenting with a broad range of mental health issues including (but not limited to) depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, PTSD, complex emotional needs and psychoses including schizophrenia. She is also an expert in the field of social relationships, loneliness and mental health.

Dr Mann trained in London on the UCL Psychiatric Training Scheme and held a highly competitive and prestigious Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellowship. She is an internationally recognised expert in the field of social connection and mental health and conducts research into loneliness in people with mental health problems based at UCL. Dr Mann has spoken internationally on this topic and others. Her numerous highly-cited, peer-reviewed publications have directly influenced international guidance on lifestyle interventions for depression and she has e.g. been an invited expert on the Technical Advisory Group to the UK government on social isolation and mental health. She has also won prizes for her research including work on differences in rates of detention under the Mental Health Act in minority groups, and is collaborating with researchers studying mental health outcomes in people with autoimmune disease (Cambridge) amongst others.

Dr Mann studied Medicine at UCL (Distinction, 2005), having gained entry to medical school early. She went on to win several academic prizes including the Meyerstein Scholarship for highest overall academic achievement. Farhana also holds a first-class degree in Immunology and Cell Pathology (conducting research in neuro-immunology) for which she was awarded the Prankerd-Jones Memorial Prize at UCL (for ranking first) alongside being nominated for the Faculty of Life Sciences Medal. She also has an MSc (Distinction) in Psychiatric Research and is completing a PhD in Psychiatric Epidemiology at UCL (researching outcomes for people using psychiatric crisis services) alongside her clinical work. She teaches a wide range of professionals and students through e.g. lecturing, supervising research projects, doing talks in the community and schools, being on research review committees and being a personal tutor/mentor.

Farhana is highly skilled at communicating science clearly to a range of audiences, and has featured as a mental health expert in media including print (e.g. The Guardian, BBC Focus, New Scientist), television (e.g. BBC, MTV), radio (e.g. invited guest on BBC Woman’s Hour), podcasts (e.g. the British Medical Journal, Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health podcasts) and many others. She has been awarded the Morris Markowe Prize for Public Engagement by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Beyond the clinic, Dr Mann is passionate about primary prevention in psychiatry, and harnessing the power of music and stories to promote wellbeing. She is co-founder of an interactive storytelling app for families to improve social and emotional wellbeing and communication. She has spoken widely about innovation in mental health.


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